Tybee Island Has Police Celebration Day

On Wednesday, January 21st Gerald’s Pig and Shrimp, Tybee IGA, and the Tybee Police Department teamed up to show appreciation for Police.

Gerald Schatz from Gerald’s Pig and Shrimp barbequed 500 meals being given for a donation, Mike Hosti provided the location, and the Tybee Police stepped up to serve the meals. The suggestion was made to donate all the proceeds, $6329.25, to the 200 Club.

Tybee Island is an amazing community, coming out to show their appreciation with only a few days notice. Chief Bryson called the 200 Club two days before the BBQ; immediately a call-to-action was sent out to the 200 Club members and the 200 Club’s community partners, many members, picked up the call. The response from all over the community exceeded expectations. Visit Savannah sent the call to their members and the SCMPD sent a call to the police community. The SCMPD training team went to Tybee to support the cause; they are now planning to replicate this amazing fundraiser in the Historic District of Savannah. Gerald has already volunteered to help.

This event shows what a community can accomplish and the beautiful web a community is comprised of.

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