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“After the loss of my husband, I didn’t know what to do or how to provide for my family. All my friends were telling me that the Lord will provide. Then, out of nowhere, came the people of the 200 Club with a large amount of money.”
Angela mcduffie
Widow of Earnest "Moe" McDuffie -
Last Alarm Feb 20, 2018
“Words can’t even express how touched we were to receive the gift of money for Thanksgiving. The tears would not stop flowing!! This has been a difficult year and we were so blessed to receive this. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For all you do for my son and family. I look forward to the day that my son can personally thank you for all you have done for him! ! I know that when he is old enough to understand everything that has taken place that he would want to meet you all.”
Lisa Coursen
Widow of Corporal A.J. Coursen
Last Watch - Jan 8, 2002
“Generosity is not so much the giving as it is the giving of ones self. This comes with warm and sincere appreciation. Thank you.”
New York State, Fraternal Order of Police, Empire State Lodge
“The 200 Club has made a major commitment to the local Law Enforcement community insofar as they will come to our aide during our darkest times. Club members and contributors are to be commended for their very tangible dedication to Law Enforcement. We are truly fortunate to have the 200 Club.”
Dan Flynn
Chief, Fire Department
“I want to tell you how much I appreciate your visit this past Thursday. Further, I want to thank you and the 200 Club for the very generous donation… The money provided will go a long way in assisting the family through a very difficult time. It is gratifying to know there are people, such as yourselves, who recognize the need to assist the families of fallen Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters when they need it most. As someone who has lost a family member in law enforcement, you know the misery and heartbreak that comes with the loss of one of our men. I am grateful for your kindness and understanding… Once again, Thank You and extend my gratitude to all of those who are part of the 200 Club!”
Lynn Anderson
Sheriff, Bulloch County
“On behalf of the Georgia COPS chapter, I want to thank your organization for what you have done to assist in relieving some of the financial burden for the family. It is organizations like yours that truly ‘puts their money where their mouth is.’ It has been said that law enforcement gives more than tickets. Like this officer, some give their lives. They are sworn to uphold and protect the laws that are written to protect their community, State and Nation. Unfortunately, it is a profession that is not glamorized, but much is expected. I feel your organizations’ contribution will allow the family to concentrate more on the loss of their loved one than on the financial burden his loss has created. Again, thanks to you and your organization for being there for the family.”
Roger Parker
President, Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc,, Georgia Chapter
“On behalf of the Mayor, Council and staff of the City of Hardeeville I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to you and all of the members of the 200 Club for your outpouring of love and generosity to the family of Cpl. Mark Jones. The men and woman that wear the uniform of the police and fire departments throughout the nation put their lives on the line to protect and serve the communities they work in. They do what many cannot. They give what most would not. They ask for nothing when we would ask for everything. They deserve more than any of us could ever give in return. The 200 Club stands as a beacon of hope and support in dark times for the public safety community. Your club has stepped up to the plate and made a commitment to the men and women that protect us with their very lives each day. I know first hand what your club is doing for Deanna and Mark’s children. I know you give not to be recognized or applauded. You give because you care and that means more than you will ever know. As I stood numb by the graveside service, listening to the echo of the twenty-one gun salute, fixated on the final notes of Amazing Grace played by the bagpipes, I wondered quietly who would be there for Mark’s family when time had passed but the pain had not? It was then that I was reassured that God would be there. He has made His provision real to Mark’s family and to his friends here at the City by the show of love and support by your club. For that we are eternally grateful. I pray that the Lord will bless the efforts of your club and the families that you support on His behalf. Thank you and God bless you all.”
R. Shane Hayes
City Administrator
“The Brunswick Police Department wishes to express our deepest appreciation for your assistance during one of our darkest hours last Friday, April 18th. Our hearts are still heavy and we shall continue to mourn our HERO Police Officer Melvin Collins who made the ultimate sacrifice in a convenience store. We miss him, but are uplifted when we realized that our grief and concerns were shared by so many. We will never forget the kindness and generosity of the 200 Club. You came forth with a helping hand in our time of great need! The Collins family greatly needed this financial assistance. Again, thank you for your concern for Officer Collins’ family. Know that we shall never forget your kindness. We find comfort in knowing that you and others in our community stand behind law enforcement and grieve with us over the loss of Officer Collins. Your club does a wonderful work and may God richly bless you and your members.”
T.C. Cowan
Chief of Police, Brunswick, GA
“On behalf of the Jekyll Island Fire Department Emergency Volunteers, I would like to thank you for the rapid response that you gave us in our request for assistance for Captain Perry Rhoden of the Jekyll Island Fire Department. Never did I dream that an organization could come to the aid of a fallen brother so quickly. I anticipated that if anything could be done, that it would be months down the road, not just a couple of days. It is great to know that your organization exists to assist those who have dedicated their careers and given their lives to Public Safety. I made an announcement about your quick response to Captain Rhoden’s needs at the Georgia Firefighters Association and Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs annual convention held here on Jekyll Island in August. Perry returned home on August 26. Sadly, his physician has informed him that he would not be able to come back to his old job. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the quick assistance you have rendered to our comrade. We cannot sing your praises enough. Little did we think when we joined the 200 Club that one of our own would need your help. We will be increasing our membership level next year.”
Dan Simpson

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