The Two Hundred Club received the prestigious Gulfstream Community Involvement Award. The Gulfstream Community Involvement Award is presented to a company that conducted an outstanding community outreach project during 2015. The activities can vary to include: involvement with a partnership school; company involvement in coordination of a fundraising event for a charitable organization; on-going community relations efforts; open house programs for community; educating public regarding an issue of concern; or any other project that encouraged interaction between the nominated business and the community.

The Two Hundred Club provides immediate financial assistance to first responders and their families when the first responder has fallen in the line of duty or been critically injured in the line of duty. 2015 found the Two Hundred Club responding to two line of duty deaths, five line of duty critical injuries, six off-duty deaths. The Two Hundred Club paid tuitions for three of the children of line of duty death first responders and purchased a computer for a fourth child.

It is an honor to assist and care for the families of those who care for us.

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