Erica Rolling Danced for the Two Hundred Club

Erica Rollings danced for the 200 Club on Saturday, August 2, 2014 raising $4545.

Erica presented the check to Mark Dana, president of the 200 Club. Chief Middleton was present along with our four Valor Award winners from Savannah Fire and Emergency Services , Master Firefighter Daniel Hutcheson, Advanced Firefighter Moises Martinez, Master Firefighter Frank Ptacin, Captain Robert Barksdale and several other Savannah firefighters.

Erica raised the $4545.00 through ticket sales and a silent auction. Her incredible generosity is an amazing act of dedication to the families of our fallen heroes. Several of the 200 Club’s members attended the Ballroom Extravaganza; mentioning a few of them Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dana, Mr. & Mrs. Tak Argentinis, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hooten, Mrs. Maureen Eason, Mr. & Mrs. Andreas Argentinis, Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Stillwell, Mr. & Mrs. Terry McCormick, and Mr. & Mrs. David Paddison. The Two Hundred Club would like to thank all members of the community who supported Ms. Erica Rollings and therefore the 200 Club.


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