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Our Mission

Without the brave men and women who risk their lives for our sake, our lives would be very different.

That’s why when tragedy strikes, the 200 Club (a 501 (c)(3) organization) immediately responds with financial support to help lessen the devastating effects.

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The Mission

The 200 Club honors the sacrifice of police officer Christopher Argentinis who gave his life on December 11, 1999, while protecting others.

As an organization, we proudly provide significant financial assistance, as well as, fully paid college education to the surviving spouse and children of first responders who lose their lives in the line of duty while protecting our communities.

What We Do

After a line of duty death, the 200 Club immediately steps in to provide the surviving family with:

Financial & Emotional Support

The 200 Club provides immediate financial support to the spouse and immediate family members of the fallen first responder.

College Education

The 200 Club provides a fully paid college education to the surviving family members, including tuition, room and board, textbooks, and a computer.

Ongoing Support

Every year thereafter, the 200 Club provides meals for the holidays and red roses on Mother’s Day.

Counties Served

Provided to the families of fallen first responders
Over $ 2.4 M
Served by the 200 Club
80 families


The 200 Club was incorporated on October 16, 2000, as a Georgia nonprofit charitable organization 501(c)(3). The board consists of members of the business, law enforcement, judicial, professional, religious, and academic communities. The 200 Club is a significant vehicle for expressing community gratitude to the families of our fallen heroes.

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