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About Us

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Who We Are

Without the brave men and women who risk their lives for our sake, our lives would be very different. That’s why when tragedy strikes, the 200 Club (a 501 (c)(3) organization) immediately responds with financial support to help lessen the devastating effects. 

We realize money can never replace the loss or disability of a loved one, but funds can be extremely helpful in easing the financial burden associated with these tragic events. 

Our Line-of-Duty benefit for firefighters and law enforcement officers, while active members of their departments, is an immediate and significant cash payment to the surviving spouse and children. The benefit is presented to the family members at a meeting attended by fellow officers, and directors of the 200 Club, where the program is explained and discussed.

What We Do

After a line of duty death, the 200 Club immediately steps in to provide the surviving family with:

Financial & Emotional Support

The 200 Club provides immediate financial support to the spouse and immediate family members of the fallen first responder.

College Education

The 200 Club provides a fully paid college education to the surviving family members, including tuition, room and board, textbooks, and a computer.

Ongoing Support

Every year thereafter, the 200 Club provides meals for the holidays and red roses on Mother’s Day.

To date, we have given over

$ 2.6 M

to our beneficiaries.

 We expect that over time, the generosity of our members and the dedication of our directors will enable our club to significantly expand its financial ability to serve the families of those who give their lives while protecting all of us. These benefits are at the sole discretion of directors of the 200 Club.

Why This Is Important

The family devastation that occurs when a member of the public safety family suffers serious injury or death in the line of duty is tremendous. They also pay an immense price for our safety. 

We know how much this financial support means to the surviving families in these unfortunate situations. We hope that you will consider supporting those who protect our safety. Please consider making monthly or annual donations to become a member of the 200 Club today.

Our Concept

The concept of the “Hundred Clubs” was born in Detroit in 1952. Following the fatal shooting of a young Detroit officer, a gentleman by the name of William M. Packer, the largest Pontiac Dealer in the nation, who was a friend of the Police Commissioner, invited 100 of his business associates to dinner at the Ritz Carlton encouraging them to donate to a fund for the fallen officer; they also agreed to form the One Hundred Club of Detroit. The response was 100%. Packer and the Commissioner met with the expectant widow, reviewed her finances and arranged to pay off the mortgage on their home recently purchased in 1952, all the bills, set up an education account for the yet unborn child and deposited $7,000 in the widows checking account. Bill Packer and his one hundred friends then incorporated the The One Hundred Club of Detroit.

In late 2000, Brooks Stillwell, Harry Haslam and Tak Argentinis met to discuss the possibility of forming an organization similar to the Hundred Club of Detroit, the Hundred Club of Massachusetts and the Three Hundred Club of Atlanta.

Our President/CEO

For the past 12 years, Mark Dana has served on a purely voluntary basis as the club’s president, donating his own time and talents to lead the well-known regional nonprofit to record levels of success and recognition. He’s eager to achieve even more as the club’s first full-time employee. To date, the 200 Club has given over $3.8 million to support the families of fallen first responders in a 20-county area of Georgia and South Carolina. 

It’s a cause near and dear to Dana’s heart, as he spent nearly a decade serving in the law-enforcement profession. A career transition brought him into the hospitality industry and prompted a move to Savannah for Dana and his family in 1995. From there, he developed one of the area’s premier hospitality brands, Savannah Lodging LLC, serving as the managing partner. Though work and family kept him busy over the years, Dana always felt strongly about supporting first responders and rallying communities around those willing to give their lives to keep the public safe. The 200 Club’s lead volunteer role was a perfect fit for him.

The club’s board has seen the impact the organization makes in the lives of those it serves, and they know there are still so many others in need of the kind of help they can provide. But to expand the organization and its reach, the board knew a dedicated, full-time president and CEO would be necessary. They had no doubt Dana was the right person to help them reach loftier goals.

200 Club founder Tak Argentinis was delighted by Dana’s acceptance of the job.

“Mark has been a fantastic volunteer president for the 200 Club for 12 years. His commitment, dedication and compassion are exceptional; we couldn’t have asked for a person of better character and integrity to lead this club. He’s always balanced running his company and raising his family with his club responsibilities so well, with unparalleled devotion,” Argentinis said. “We’re proud to offer him the full-time job of running the 200 Club and are confident that he will do so much for so many in his new role. The entire board and I congratulate Mark on his achievements and look forward to continuing our work with him.”

Dana expressed gratitude for the board’s trust in him and is ready to put the club’s plans into action.

“I’m honored to accept the full-time position of president and CEO for the 200 Club and look forward to expanding the organization’s mission to help heal and support as many first responder families as possible,” Dana said. “We’re going to be increasing our regional engagement quite a bit in the next few months and we hope we can rely on added community support as the club moves into this next phase of growth and effectiveness.”

Mark Dana
President / CEO

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